Bidding farewell to another year; here's to 2017!


With one week out from the New Year, we wanted to send a huge thank you to the entire Advance community for your generosity, creativity, enthusiasm, inspiration and support throughout 2016. Advance would not be what it is without you!

As a community of global Australian citizens of the world, you represent an incredible, unique and valuable national resource, and we are extremely proud to help showcase, connect and empower each and every one of you. 

2016 was another outstanding year for Advance and Australians around the world.

In October, we showcased the most extraordinary Australians at the Advance Global Australian Awards Gala and Summit.  From providing financial services to people living in the slums of third world countries, to giving light to Syrian refugees landing with their children on the precarious and rocky Greek islands in the middle of the night, to fighting to eradicate HIV, Ebola and polio globally – our Award winners are doing extraordinary work. It is a constant reminder, that as the world transforms, it is infact the power, influence and connectivity of people who will shape a better world.

Overall Award winner, Dr. Genevieve Bell, shared the driving force behind her career choices:

“My mother’s advice when I was a small child was, one was morally obliged to make a better world if you could see how. And not just for yourself but better for others. It has been a guiding light, and a philosophy of mine since I was a kid. She impressed that upon me when we were living in Alice Springs in the 1970s and 80s. It’s an incredibly long way from Ali Curung to Silicon Valley.”

As a Silicon Valley based cultural anthropologist and Intel Senior Fellow, Genevieve’s job is to study people and use those insights to shape the next generation of technology development. 

We think you’ll also love our Prime Minister’s speech from the night - watch a short excerpt here.

We have been humbled by the growth and ongoing positive feedback from our work helping Australia’s best entrepreneurs scale their start ups into the US market. We've been so proud to see the successes of the participating companies after completing our elevate61program this year with KPMG Australia.

A special congratulations to simPro, a Queensland-based cloud technology company, raised AUD$40 million in the US. They put it best: “elevate61 was worth it as it taught us exactly where to look for funding."

We look forward to bringing another cohort of Australian companies to the US to achieve similar successes in 2017. 

We'd like to extend a special thanks to our government and corporate partners, donors and ambassadors, for your ongoing support and dedication to Advance. Without your commitment, these incredible initiatives across the world would not be possible. If you’d like to make a tax dedcutible donation to help us grow the global community you can do so here

Thank you so much for being part of the Advance global family, and we have no doubt that 2017 will be a game changing year. As always, we welcome your feedback and thoughts on how we can further build our global community. We love hearing from you - connect to us through LinkedIn, Instagram, TwitterFacebook or Email.

Our warmest wishes to you and your loved ones over Christmas and the New Year.

Serafina and the Advance team