Bryce Chua: An International Alumni Network cultivates connection and life long relationships


Interview by Molly O'Brien, Marketing & Communications Specialist, Advance.

"An international alumni network allows alumni abroad to remain connected and cultivate life-long relationships."

Bryce Chua completed his Bachelor of Commerce at The University of Queensland, a time he calls a "life-changing experience." 

Advance spoke to Bryce about how studying in Australia contributed to his "global education", the advancement of his career, and the benefits of staying connected to UQ Alumni. 

Why did you choose Australia to complete your tertiary education? And why UQ?  

Studying overseas gave me the opportunity to grow my life skills, and Australia was the nearest western country to complement my eastern rooted childhood. As an international student, I was lucky in that regard, as I was able to get the best of both worlds in my education and personal growth. 

Ranked in the world’s top 50, being one of Australia’s leading research and teaching institutions, UQ was able to provide me with a positive learning education in the inclusive and warm environment of Brisbane.

What’s your best memory of your time studying there?

The entire journey! It was a fantastic experience, living away from home and having friends from all over the world. I’m convinced I had the best final semester possible of my educational life. Cliché but true – it was a life-changing experience.

Why are organisations like UQ Global Connections important? What doors has it opened for you? 

An international alumni network allows alumni abroad to remain connected and cultivate life-long relationships. Organised by UQ alumni, UQ Global Connections is a series of regular informal meet-ups held worldwide. Such events are a wonderful opportunity to make new friendships and connect with like-minded professionals.

UQ Global Connections has been a fantastic platform for me to build long-term relationships with my fellow alumni. With alumni from many different fields, these regular engagements have provided many exchanges of new perspectives and ideas.

Was it easy to stay connected to UQ after you graduated?

UQ has always provided very strong and active support to its alumni community. The UQ Alumni regularly organises UQ Global Connections and publishes the bi-yearly Contact Magazine which keeps us well informed. In Singapore, alumni receptions and public lectures are held throughout the year. With the support of the UQ, the UQ Alumni Association of Singapore (“UQAAS”) also regularly hosts events like CBD lunches. With these many on-going events, you always feel engaged and connected to UQ.

Do you connect with any fellow UQ alumni in Singapore?

With events such as UQ Global Connections and others held by the UQAAS, there’s always an opportunity to meet up with new graduates and also older (and wiser alumni). I’ve also been able to rekindle friendships with fellow classmates. Being like-minded alums, it’s always fun to reminisce about UQ while we tell stories about our university days.

In your opinion, why is it important to remain connected to the university you attended?

As a graduate of UQ, I’ll always have a special connection with the university. An engaged alumni network allows alumni to “give back” to the university in one way or another. In a reciprocal manner, the university provides platforms for alumni to connect with our alma mater and fellow graduates. Such a continual process helps to sustain and grow the university – which, in my opinion, is and always will be a part of our identity.   

Has the alumni network been beneficial for you in terms of your career?

The UQ Alumni has provided the opportunity to network with fellow alums of UQ. The more experienced alums provide invaluable insights of the working world while sharing their wealth of experience and skills. The younger alums like myself give a fresh perspective and innovative ideas as we share our various work experience. Because of UQ’s alumni network, I’ve had the chance to learn about myself and my own career trajectory. It’s an intangible reward which cannot be obtained elsewhere.