Anzac Day around the world


The 25th of April marks one of Australia’s most important national occasions, Anzac Day -  the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during WWI. Australians recognise this date as a day of national remembrance, and ceremonies are held all over the world to mark this occasion. It is a time to reflect on the Australian spirit and the ideals of courage, endurance and mateship, which are still relevant today.

We’ve collated a list of Anzac Day events around the world so that you can join in commemorating this distinguished date.

Austin: ANZAC Day Service & Picnic

Beijing: Anzac Day Dawn Service

Boston: ANZAC Day Commemorative Service

Chicago: ANZAC Day Breakfast

Dublin: ANZAC Day Dawn Service

Dubai: ANZAC Black and Gold Ball 2018 | ANZAC Day Dawn Service 2018

Georgia: ANZAC Day Commemoration 

Guernsey: ANZAC Day Service

Hong Kong: ANZAC Day Ceremony

Houston: ANZAC Day Service and Lunch

Kuwait: ANZAC Day Dawn Service

Los Angeles: ANZAC Day Commemorative Service

London: ANZAC Day Service

Malaysia: Sandakan Memorial Park Anzac Dawn Service

Melbourne: ANZAC Day Shrine of Remembrance

New York: ANZAC Day Dawn Service ANZAC Day Service | ANZAC Day and Veterans' Lunch | ANZAC Day Aussie Meetup | ANZAC Day Eve Concert

Papa New Guinea: ANZAC Day Dawn Service

San Diego: ANZAC Day Commemorative Service

Seattle: ANZAS ANZAC Day

San Francisco: ANZAC Service & BBQ

Shanghai: ANZAC Day Commemoration | ANZAC Day Drinks

Singapore: ANZAC Day Service

Sydney: ANZAC Day Dawn Service | ANZAC Day March | ANZAC Commemoration Service

Thailand: 2018 Anzac Day at Hellfire Pass  

Tokyo: ANZAC Day Service

Toronto: ANZAC Dawn Service

Vancouver: ANZAC Commemoration

Villers-Bretonneux: ANZAC Day Dawn Service

Washington DC: ANZAC Day Service

Know of an Anzac Day service that isn’t listed here? Send us the details to and we’ll add it to our events calendar.