Noticed something different about us?

ADVANCE 2016 logo.png

You may have noticed over the course of the past month that there’s been a change in the Advance appearance. That’s right – the entire Advance website and logo have undertaken some digital cosmetic surgery.

Earlier this year, Advance made the decision to undergo an entire brand overhaul. Being an organisation that places great importance on constant innovation, we thought it vital for our brand to fully reflect this. We’re very excited to showcase this new aesthetic – something that has been in the pipeline for several months, and was revealed in October at the Advance Global Australian Awards.

Working alongside Sydney-based branding expert Glen Barry – Creative Partner at Everyone, with previous working experience in London and New York – we brainstormed ideas that would reflect the vision, values and passion of Advance as a Global Organisation. 

The uniquely Australian turquoise identity colour is emblematic of the body of water that is the connecting gateway for Australians to the rest of the world – the conduit for our global community. 

This global outlook and connected grid of dots that makes up the new identity is a crucial aspect of how Advance is represented – as we are a community of Connected Global Australians who are able to make a significant difference for Australians, Australian companies and Australia around the globe.

The modern aesthetic and the ascending “A” icon is designed to inspire and empower global Australians – to help them build their entrepreneurial dreams and grow their global career opportunities to ultimately be a ‘brain resource’ for Australia’s future.