2018 Advance Born Global Salon: San Francisco


At the legendary Jazz Workshop in San Francisco, Advance hosted the seventh Born Global Salon for 2018. It was the quintessential San Francisco setting for an evening of conversation with Chris Boshuizen, Physicist and Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist and former NASA Space Mission Architect, 2014 Advance Award Winner and Advance Board Member. 

The evening, in partnership with OFX was held in a setting of blue velvet, chandeliers and mood lighting from an era long gone. Guests included Chris Oldfield, Consul-General in San Francisco; Skander Malcolm, OFX CEO; Steve Sargent, OFX board Chairman and the visiting OFX executive team board of directors, together with Advance members, inspiring entrepreneurs, investors and thought leaders, all representing Silicon Valley’s unique mindset and culture.

Following delicious canapes, and engaging conversation, guests settled in with a signature Monroe cocktail of gin and cucumber for a conversation with Chris Boshuizen lead by Nina Blackwell, Executive Director of the Firelight Foundation, and former Press Secretary and Spokesperson for US Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, with the theme, advancements in the application of science and technology to real world challenges.

In conversation with Chris Boshuizen lead by Nina Blackwell

In conversation with Chris Boshuizen lead by Nina Blackwell