Australian artist, Leila Jeffreys, makes us reconsider the pigeon


Australian artist Leila Jeffreys continues to reconstruct our perceptions of birds by pairing up two different bird families: the universally loved cockatoo with the columbine (pigeons and doves). While the cockatoo is viewed as an iconic Australasian bird, the pigeon is almost universally ignored.

After growing up surrounded by Australian wildlife, her interest in the natural world has continued to flourish. Jeffreys sees and senses the lives of birds around her. With each work she immerses herself into the birds' world and uses classical portraiture artistry to show the viewer a disparate and entrancing world.

For all our global Australians, Purdy Hicks Gallery in London is pleased to present Leila Jeffrey's new exhibition of photographs from 12 July -  24 August 2018. 

Comprising fifteen new portraits of pigeons, each of startling grace and elegance, Ornithurae (bird tails in Greek) challenges the often unfavourable appreciation of this particular bird.