Kim Robinson: the celebrity hair stylist with a heart of gold


Kim Robinson is famously known for being a celebrity hair stylist in Hong Kong with celebrity prices to match - his consultations start over USD2,000. This incredible price point is for a reason. When clients see Kim they are taken way beyond a mere haircut – it’s a luxurious styling experience that carries the transformative power to make people look amazing.

Kim’s dedication to beauty and devotion to his line of work have won him countless of loyal customers, locally and around the world.  But Kim never only makes his service exclusive to the wealthy and famous. He regularly closes his salon for a day to offer free haircuts to the elderly and does for local charities.

Originally from Western Australia, Kim took his craftsmanship and came to Hong Kong in the 70s after winning the prestigious Apprentice of the Year award at the Australian Institute of Technology. In 1976, Kim headed to Europe and got a leg up from mentors such as Vidal Sassoon and French coiffeur Alexandre de Paris in Europe before returning to Hong Kong to exert his styling talents on women in this city.

Some 40 years later, Kim has become the city’s most revered hairstyling icon with his flagship salon kimrobinson in Hong Kong and a branch in Singapore, along with his new concept salon kr+ - a styling landmark in the Asia region. 

Kim recently spoke to Advance to share his lifetime career passion.

Interview by Tammy Lee, Marketing & Communications Officer, Advance

Why did you leave Perth and choose Hong Kong as your base over other Asian cities?

Hong Kong was the most open Asian city 40 years ago. Asia as a region wasn’t even on the map for most people, except maybe Tokyo.

What's your typical work day look like?

Full day of beautiful face, and intelligent women.

Have you kept a tally of the number of clients you have given a haircut in your career so far? Could you share an approximate figure?

Too many to count and more to go.  Must be millions.

How transformative can a haircut be?

Life changing. Hairstyle has the power to completely change how you look, as your hair is the frame of your face. Having a great cut, which is right for you, will be able to “tell the world who you are”. It can give you confidence, and to make you feel powerful, all at once.

If you were not a hairstylist, what would you be doing?

Design in some form.

Besides having a passion for hair and beauty, you are also an art lover. How would you describe Hong Kong's art scene?

Interesting and about to explode.


You are passionate about giving back to the community. Could you share what kind of charity work are you involved in? How would you encourage other businesses or individuals to be more proactive in supporting charities?

You feel good from supporting charities.  I just keep doing it and hope the people around me will follow. I’m a huge advocate of women in need, supporting their rights and  the elderly.

What do you miss most about Australia?

Fresh air, fresh food, and my family.