Mindhive: the power of masterminds

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Problem solving is one of the key elements leading to business success. When a need or problem arises, it creates business opportunity – the law of demand and supply.

Based in Brisbane, Mindhive has identified and seized the opportunity to provide solutions for organisations that are in need of them by matchmaking the right problem solvers – experts and industry professionals who have joined Mindhive as “Thought Leaders” to exhibit the power of crowdsourcing – offering collective efforts and intelligence to advise on various challenges in sectors including education, infrastructure, technology, etc.

Mindhive literally melds tradition and innovation, and upends expectation of the ‘genre’ of their service offerings by gathering intellectual ‘minds’ to a ‘hive’ – mindsharing/ crowdsourcing for everything, ultimately to drive businesses’ growth.

As one of the participants of Advance’s Propel Program, Mindhive was officially established in 2017 as a startup and now sets to expand their footprint globally.

Could you briefly explain the idea behind crowdsourcing? How does it help businesses to grow?

Crowdsourcing involves tapping into the minds of thousands of experts outside of a business to allow for greater innovation. Mindhive connects game changing businesses to thought leading problem solvers who can drive a company’s growth by contributing fresh ideas. If a business has a problem, we say ‘don’t throw money at it – throw minds’. We’ve recently launched MindhivePrivate, a platform that provides businesses access to problem-solving spaces teams can utilise to solve challenges.

What were some of the challenges Mindhive faced during its start?

Mindhive was born from policy think-tank, Eidos which made starting the company easier since there was already a similar model in place. The challenge was implementing problem solving in a digital room rather than a physical one. Perseverance has allowed us to tackle such obstacles over the years.

What was the most interesting/unusual challenge that Mindhive ever worked on?

One of the most interesting challenges posted to Mindhive recently was ‘25 million and counting’, discussing how migrants and Australians can better be attracted to regional areas to help the distribution of population. This topic provided interesting debate and relevant results.

What's next for Mindhive? Would you be looking to establish your presence in other countries or regions?

Mindhive already has clients in New Zealand and has received expressions of interest from organisations based in the United Kingdom and the United States. We have also just launched a chat function to allow our problem solvers to better connect.

What did the Propel Program mean to Mindhive?

The Propel Program has allowed Mindhive to continue to grow as a company and achieve their goal of expanding internationally.

How did the Propel Program meet your expectations? Would you recommend others to participate?

The Propel Program exceeded our expectations. It opened doors for us as a start-up by allowing us to make valuable connections and advance as a company. Any start-up that wants to fast track their growth should definitely consider the Propel Program.

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