Srinivas Reddy: A passion for two wheels

Tusker Srinivas Reddy 1.jpg

Srinivas Reddy likes to show off his free spirit when riding his Harley Davidson motorcycles – an experience he believes that is not a mere transport means, but a life-changing pursuit.

Upon receiving a masters degree in Business,Accounting and Finance at Victoria University, Srinivas joined 'Harley Heaven' in Melbourne where he was responsible for giving customers the complete Harley-Davidson experience. He also rode his custom Harley-Davidson “Street Bob” religiously.

When he returned to Bangalore, India, he set up the Tusker Harley-Davidson dealership, in which he has exclusive dealership rights in Karnataka and Goa. He is also the master franchisee of few more companies in the country.

Srinivas shared his ride to freedom with Advance.

Interview by Tammy Lee, Marketing & Communications Officer, Advance

Tell us about business journey.

I started to venture into the world of premium motorcycles in 2009 following the establishment of Tusker. Tusker comprises three Harley-Davidson dealerships which we acquired in 2010, 2013 and 2014, in Bangalore, Goa and Bangalore (number 2) respectively.

We also launched Dainese & AGV as a National Distributor in 2013 with retail stores in Bangalore and Chennai.  Touratech is another addition as a National Distributor in 2016 with a retail store situated in Bangalore.  BMW Motorrad is the latest addition to our business, with the first store opening in Bangalore in 2017.

When did you develop a strong interest in the Harley-Davidson experience and BMW Motorrad?

Riding motorcycles has always fascinated me. I grew up seeing motorcycle racing and other motor sports from across the world.  The freedom associated with riding, getting to know other riders, the journey, destination and sense of accomplishment are always thrilling to witness and explore. The opportunity to work with Harley Heaven during my time in Melbourne gave me an introduction to the brands which then paved the way for my business involvement.

Do you travel to other places to meet other riding groups?

Having imported a BMW Motorcycle on my return to India, I have witnessed the growth of leisure motorcycling here. Since I opened the first Harley-Davidson dealership, I also became the Sponsoring Dealer and President of Harley-Owners-Group for both Karnataka and Goa.  I have engaged not only with Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Groups but other groups and members nationally and internationally.

What’s the best thing about riding motorcycles? How is Harley-Davidson and BMW Motorrad different from other motorbikes?

The best part about motorcycling is the freedom and thrill of it and knowing you are in complete control of a machine and not to mention the exhilaration. Additionally, the feel of freedom on the open roads, the stretch to feel liberated while taking the journey on a Harley-Davidson or a BMW motorcycle.

Is the ‘Harley-Davidson fanatic’ bigger in Melbourne or Bangalore?

Each city has its own history and culture, but the Harley-Davidson community around the world has always been a community that brings riders and friends together.  Each ride provides a different experience and we cherish opportunities to share our stories with each other.

How about‘BMW Motorrad fanatics’? Bigger in Melbourne or Bangalore?

BMW riders are unique and are growing in numbers across the world and share very similar passion about their machines and experiences. I am proud to be part of the community that has seen the growth from a mere handful of riders to a thriving segment of premium motorcycles.

Why did you choose Australia as your study destination?

Australia had been my first choice among other destinations due to various reasons including the international sports culture that was of interest to me, and it is also considered as one of the safest places in the world.

What do you miss most about Australia and Melbourne?

 I miss the freedom, the weather and the quality of living that Australia provides. Melbourne undoubtedly is the best city in the world.