Dr Thomas Oxley announced as Overall Winner in 2018 Advance Awards

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Australian-born and New York-based interventional neurologist and neuroscientist, Dr Thomas Oxley, has been named as the Overall Winner of the Advance Awards 2018, as well as being this year's Life Sciences winner.

Dr Oxley, 38, is founding CEO of the company Synchron, which is pioneering neural interface technologyto enable paralysed people to communicate and control assistive technologies with their minds. He also performsminimally invasive brain surgeries.

He told TEDxSydney this year that he had been "curious about the mysteries of the brain since I was a kid".

Advance Global CEO Serafina Maiorano described Dr Oxley as a true innovator and global Australian success story.

"He has achieved what should be the ultimate goal of researchers in Australia's growing biotechnology industry: to take breakthrough scientific discoveries and convert them into technology companies that disrupt on a global stage," she said.

As well as heading up Synchron, Dr Oxley is Instructor, Attending, and Director of Innovation Strategy in the Department of Neurosurgery at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City and Laboratory Head of the Vascular Bionics Laboratory at the University of Melbourne. He continues to manage the Melbourne laboratory while conducting his interventional neuroradiology procedures in New York City.

Dr Oxley started his PhD in neural engineering in 2012 at Melbourne University. During his PhD, he raised AUD $8.5 million dollars in funding from US and Australian governments to develop a novel stent electrode (stentrode) neural interface. This included substantial funding from the US defence organisation DARPA. 

The Advance Awards, now in their seventh year, celebrate Australians working overseas who exhibit remarkable talent, exceptional vision and ambition. This year, 10 category winners were recognised at a celebratory dinner at Sydney Town Hall tonight for their outstanding contributions on the world stage, as well as two special global awards being presented. Further information about the winners can be found here.