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Nominations are now open for the Advance Global Australian Awards and Leadership Summit 2015 to be held on 13-14 September, 2015 at the Sydney Opera House.
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Saul Griffith, Founder and CEO, The Otherlab
Award won: The Advance Global Australian Award 2012- Advanced Manufacturing
In the Media: 2 Feb 2015
Behind the Scenes of Otherlab

Prue Clarke
, Founder and Executive Director of New Narratives
Award won: The Advance Global Australian Award 2014 – 
Social Innovation (Award name now called Social Impact)
'Winning the Advance Social Innovation Award was a huge motivator' 
Prue Clarke shares with us her work in West Africa on the Ebola virus, what it means to hire the right people, and her big move from London to New York to take up a new role. Read More


Vikram Mehta, Chief Executive Officer of Kaazing
Award won: The Advance Global Australian Award 2014 - ICT (Award Name now called, Technology Innovation)
Ten insights from ICT Advance Global Australian Award Winner Vikram Mehta
We caught up with Vikram to hear about what he's been up to including being recognised but CIO Revview as one of the "50 Most Promising Internet of Things Companies in 2014" Read More

Christopher Boshuizen, Co-founder and CTO of Planet Labs Inc
Awards won: Advance Global Australian of the Year 2014 and The Advance Global Australian Award - Advanced Manufacturing
It's better to ask for forgiveness than permission
We spoke to Christopher Boshuizen, Co-founder and CTO of Planet Labs Inc, overall Advance Global Australian of the Year 2014 and the winner of the Advanced Manufactuing category. Chris shared with us what it meant to be an Advance award winner, his guilty pleasures and what's next for him. We are happy to announce that Chris is the face of our Advance Global Australian Awards and Summit 2015! Read More
In the Media: SMH, 21 Jan, 2015 
From Tumbarumba to beyond: It's blast off for Aussie Chris Boshuizen's satellite start-up Planet Labs


Andrew Tanner, VP Business Development of Geli.
Award won: The Advance Global Australian Award 2014 - Clean Technology
Mankind should harvest all its energy from the sun, wind and water 
Andrew Tanner's passion is renewable energy. As the winner of the 2014 Advance Global Australian Award - Clean Technology he was humbled to receive the award most importantly was pleased that clean technology was recognised as a category of global significance. We caught up with Andrew to heard what he has been up to since the Awards, his new role and what he'd be doing if he could clone himself. Read More


Sekai Holland, Senator, Zimbabwean Co-Minister of State for National Healing, Reconciliation and Integration
Award won: The Advance Global Australian Award 2014- Alumni
No amount of verbal advice teaches you as well as travelling to locations and seeing situations for yourself
Meet Sekai Holland - UTS alumnus working to transform a political movement into a political party in Zimbabwe, a country that has not experienced what life is like where the government is run by a political party in over 50 years. We caught up with Sekai to see what she has been focusing on since we last saw her at the Awards, what montivate her to get up and do what she does each day and what is next for her. Read More


David Droga, Creative Chairman, Droga5
Award won: The Advance Global Australian Award 2012- Creative Industries
In the Media: Adweek- Dec 15, 2014
Agency of the Year: A Maturing Droga5 Still Hasn't Lost Its Edge by Andrew McMains


Milton Catelin, Chief Executive of World Coal Association.
Awards won: The Advance Global Australian Award 2014 - Mining and Resources.
Be true to yourself but remember no one has ever crossed the ocean by hugging the shore
Milton Catelin has earned himself a well deserved break. After 10 years as the Chief Executive at the World Coal Association he is stepping down at the end of the month and is looking forward to new challenges in 2015. We spoke to Milton about his leadership philosophy, his role models and some of the new trends emerging in the mining and resourcesindustry to reduce emmissions. Read More