Barbara Knezevic is an artist, currently based in Dublin, Ireland. Originally from Sydney, she studied my Undergraduate Degree in Visual Arts at Sydney College of the Arts. Barbara has lived in London and Dublin for about 6 years now.

What originally brought you to Ireland?

The love of the people; well one in particular, who is now my husband! I originally moved to Dublin from London, which was really risky for me, as I felt quite settled in London at the time. I also studied my Masters in Fine Art here at the National College of Art and Design here in Dublin. I am really happy with my decision, as I have been lucky enough to have had some great experiences both personally and in my career.

Tell us more about Circa Magazine – what does your role entail?

My role here at Circa is really varied, ranging from Advertising, Design, Marketing and PR to Administration. It’s been a real insight into the workings of both an Art publication and Arts organisations in general, and invaluable for me as an artist. I am fortunate enough to be really informed about what is happening in Visual Arts here in Dublin, Ireland and beyond because of my work here at Circa.

Some of our London members saw your work in our first ever Roving Eye exhibition in London. Did you enjoy being part of the show?

The Roving Eye Exhibition, co-ordinated by Advance and held at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery, was a great opportunity. It was interesting as I felt the exhibition reflected the changes that artists and their work can undergo both aesthetically and conceptually as a result of travel or settling elsewhere. There was a sense of this change in perception present in the work that was exhibited.

How has being away from Australia shaped you? Any things you miss?

My experience living away has shaped me enormously. I think it has really educated me about myself, and my art practice, but also about what it means to be Australian and about our cultural identity. I miss most things about home, especially my family and friends. Of course the weather would be another obvious thing I miss, living in Ireland!

What do you like most about being in Ireland?

It sounds like a cliché, but the people are what I enjoy the most. People here are very strong in their beliefs and are committed to causes, particularly charitable causes, which is inspiring. I love the ability of Irish people to have a good time, regardless of whether they have, for instance, won or lost the football or rugby. People don’t tend to take themselves too seriously in this sense. Ireland is also an incredibly beautiful country, in a way that is completely opposite to the beauty of the Australian landscape.

Do you have any plans to return to Australia?

Sadly, not currently. I think almost all Australians abroad aspire to come home at some time. It remains to be seen whether I will return permanently, at the moment I am committed to being in Ireland working for the forseeable future.

What would be your advice for your fellow Australian artists planning a move to Ireland?

Join up to the VAI (Visual Artists Ireland) and familiarise yourself with all the galleries and art spaces not just in Dublin but all over Ireland. There are loads of opportunities in various spaces with open submissions and exhibition proposals being accepted all the time.

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