Amy Purtill

Where did you grow up/study in Australia?
I grew up on the NSW Central Coast.

Where are some of the interesting places you have lived around the world?
I came to NYC right after high school, so it's really just been here. New York's neighbourhoods are so vibrant and diverse, though, that it can feel like I've lived in several different cities since I got here.

Where are you currently living?
New York City!

What do you do?
I'm a graduate student studying Modern European Studies at Columbia. I spent my time pretty evenly split between reading, writing, working odd jobs to pay rent, and trying to work out how the heck I'm going to find employment with a graduate degree in Modern European Studies.

What's a hidden secret of your city?
The side streets. There are so many big avenues with countless wonderful and exciting stores and restaurants, but a lot of the real gems - the places you'll want to keep coming back to - are the tiny stores, bars, galleries, and the like that can be found in the quieter side streets.

What's your favorite cafe/bar/restaurant in your current city?
The 79th Street Boat Basin Cafe. It's tucked away, actually underneath the highway, in Riverside Park. It's outdoors, so it's only open when the weather is warm, but it is one of the most picturesque places to spend an afternoon. I spend the winter counting down the days until it's open again!

Describe your adopted hometown/current city in three words.
Loud, rushed, but friendly.

What do you miss most about Australia when you are overseas?
The beach, without a doubt. There are beaches here, but they're often crowded, sometimes dirty, and not easily accessible. Nothing like old the ten minute drive to a pristine slice of coastline I had at home.

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