Adrienne Bateup-Carlson

Where did you grow up/study in Australia?
I grew up and studied in new Zealand - I'm an adoptive Australian!

Where are some of the interesting places you have lived around the world?
London, Hong Kong, Beijing, and worked in Sweden, Tokyo, Singapore and Sth Korea.

Where are you currently living?
Just moved back to Sydney after several years in Beijing.

What do you do?
Brand strategy, integrated marketing, internal culture transformation.

What's a hidden secret of your city?
A hidden secret of my recent city Beijing: not so hidden really - The Temple of Heaven, most wonderful Yunnan food, and The Schoolhouse near the great wall at Mutianyu. And the most eclectic and creative dress code in the agency during summer - wonderful!

What's your favorite cafe/bar/restaurant in your current city?
as above. Temple of Heaven.

Describe your adopted hometown/current city in three words.
Beijing. Vast-scale human spirit.

What do you miss most about Australia when you are overseas?
The fresh air and the Aussie attitude.

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