Tennille Bernhard

Bachelor of Asian Studies (Specialist)
Murdoch University

I was drawn to apply to this program as I believe it presented a great opportunity to gain knowledge, support and advice from someone who has first-hand experience within a field I am interested in pursuing a career in. Also, as I am half-way through my studies I felt it would be a perfect time to have the support of a mentor who I could bounce ideas off and assist in providing advice for future academic decisions which best relate to the type of work I am interested in.

I am really looking forward to developing a close relationship with my mentor and am excited to be sharing ideas with someone who is passionate about the same issues as me. I am looking forward to hearing real-life examples of the work they haves been doing and taking from this ideas to apply in my own career when the time comes. I also hope in some small way I can contribute as a 'mentee' and that my mentor gets as much out of this program that I do.

Vanessabw.jpgVanessa Picker

Bachelor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
University of Adelaide 

I applied to be a part of the Advance Global Australian Awards Mentoring Program, because I believe that mentoring is invaluable, particularly when a mentor has relevant industry experience both within Australia and overseas. I believe the Advance program is unique in that it provides a well structured platform that connects university students with innovative, empowering leaders.

The social innovation category was particularly appealing as I am studying Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Adelaide, and I am currently launching a social enterprise.  

Ultimately, I applied so that I could be aligned with a mentor that could assist with refining my career goals and developing strategies for successfully launching and sustaining social enterprises, within the next 12 months. 

Over the next 12 months, I am looking forward to learning from my mentor’s experiences; and simultaneously exploring new, innovative ideas.

Attending the awards ceremony was a fantastic way to meet everybody involved with Advance. In particular, I enjoyed seeing the level of support that surrounds this program.  Both the mentors and attendees were extremely welcoming and passionate about the mentoring program.

IngridBW.jpgIngrid Diep

Bachelor of Optometry
University of Melbourne

I'm interested in global development and social enterprise, and I've been wanting to do more in the area but don't really know how I'll go about it. I'm at that age where I have a desire to travel and make a mark on the world but also pretty confused about where I want to go with my life. So the chance to talk to a social innovator and hear their story seemed like a great opportunity to find clarity and direction.

Over the next 12 months I’m looking forward to getting to know my mentor and hear her story, get my life sorted and figure out how I can do something good for the world.

Courtney.JPGCourtney Patching

Bachelor of Communications
Griffith University 

I applied for the Advance Global Australian Awards Mentoring Program because I was able to work closely with Advance for a few months and I became well aware of how exciting and innovative this project was.  As I am in the last year of my university studies I could definitely see the benefits of having a mentor, especially for future work in the creative industries which can be very difficult and competitive to break into.

I'm most looking forward to developing a relationship with my mentor, who will hopefully be able to guide me through the first few months of my career.  Being a part of the mentoring program in itself is such an honour, and to find out that my mentor will be working closely with me is just so exciting!

I enjoyed meeting all the wonderful people who attended the awards most of all.  Other mentees and mentors were such a delight to talk to, it really gave me insight into how wonderful our Australian expatriate community really is.

Michaelbw.jpgMichael Kong

Bachelor of Information Technology / Bachelor of Commerce 
University of Sydney

I applied for the mentoring program as I wanted to learn from an experienced individual who had been in the industry for some time and to gain insights that would help me determine what career path I should follow. I also believe that I will be introduced to new perspectives about Finance that I might have overlooked or never considered before.

I am looking forward to establish a positive relationship with my mentor, and learn how a variety of financial products operate and their impacts on individuals. Furthermore, I hope to discuss about world and economic issues in a more general sense, having been intrigued by her work concerning conflict resolution.

Robertbw.jpgRobert Guzowski

Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology) 
University of Technology, Sydney

I applied to be part of the Advance Global Australian Awards Mentoring Program so that I might get some exposure to the things I love learning about, but outside of a university context. I wanted to see what my chosen industry - biotechnology - looks like in the real world as opposed to in a textbook, and the Mentoring Program gives me an unparalleled opportunity to do exactly that.

I'm looking forward to better getting to know my mentor, and the work he does and the perspective he has on the industry that he has become a professional within. I'm also very excited to see how the theory from my studies translates into reality, and especially to see just what it takes (beyond just a good idea) to create success.

The best part of the Ceremony was meeting everyone there: from the other Mentees at my table and the Award winners-cum-Mentors, to the other guests and supporters of Advance that made the Global Australian Awards and Mentoring Program possible.

CaitlinBW.jpgCaitlin Farley

Bachelor of Communication 
University of Queensland

I applied to be a part of the Advance Global Australian Awards Mentoring Program because I hoped that it would expand my horizons and allow me the opportunity to get to know someone who operated on global sphere.

I am most looking forward to finding the highs and lows in my mentor's career and learning from these to apply them to my own life; to use her journey as an inspiration to make my own mark.

The most enjoyable part of the Awards Presentation Ceremony in Sydney was the Interviews with Richard Fidler. It provided more insight to the winners as people rather than a list of achievements.

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