Advance held a special reception in Beijing on Thursday 6 June to welcome the visiting New South Wales Premier, The Hon Barry O'Farrell MP to Beijing and to celebrate Dr Jianhua Zhao and Dr Aihua Wang winning the 2013 Advance Global Australian Award for clean tech as a result of their world-renowned work in solar cell technology.

The reception brought together esteemed members of the science and technology community and members of the investment community who share a common vision of Sino-Australian exchange in social and economic development.

“We are eager to share our experiences in education, commercial investment, technology development and innovation with our Chinese partners to further deepen our cooperation, and strengthen both of our nations’ competitive advantages in high-tech manufacturing, green energy and technology innovation", said the Hon Barry O'Farrell MP, Premier of New South Wales.

The event provided an opportunity for the NSW Premier to meet and connect with senior Advance members who are successful China-based Australians, alumni of NSW universities and Chinese nationals connected to Australia with expertise in commercialisation, innovation, investment and trade.

“Advance is happy to promote strategic cooperation between China and Australia through our 'ambassadors-at-large' - leading Chinese members who studied in Australia and our China-based Australian members. NSW is the premier representative of Australia’s enthusiasm in technology development and investment, the Premier Honourable Barry O'Farrell MP’s visit further promotes warm relations between our two countries and the value of our people-to-people linkages,” said Serafina Maiorano, Chief Executive Officer of Advance.

“We are ready to work collaboratively with China to push forward the innovation and sustainability of our planet, and I heartily congratulate Dr Zhao and Dr Wang’s great work and achievements. They are a wonderful example of China-Australian innovation collaboration."

Presentations on the evening focused on investment, commercialisation of innovation and the benefits of attaining an Australian education. The Premier highlighted that NSW is seeking to further engage with China on technology and innovation and is well placed to support China to restructure its economy to higher value manufacturing and services with a focus on sustainability.

As part of our Asian Innovation Program development Advance is currently mapping out individuals in the region with a connection to Australia who are interested in giving back by sharing their market knowledge, investment networks and expertise with Australian companies looking to commercialise in Asia. This special event in Beijing provided a great opportunity for us to strengthen our network in China.