November, 2010  

Welcome to the November 2010 issue of the Advance Global Newsletter. Please forward this newsletter on to anyone you think would like to connect with Advance.
1. CEO Message 
This month we are delighted to announce our forthcoming annual thought leadership event, the Advance Women’s Leadership Summit, to be held from 7 to 8 March 2011 at the Sydney Opera House. The annual Advance Summits are a place where established and emerging leaders from Australia’s diverse diaspora meet to explore and disseminate ideas, connections and best practices. [More...]
2. Save the Date - Advance Women's Leadership Summit
From 7-8 March 2011, Advance will host its annual thought leadership Summit, themed '50 for the Future' at the Sydney Opera House. The Summit will highlight the achievements of some remarkable women, and introduce 50 current and emerging leaders in the Asia Pacific. This event builds on the success of previous summits and also celebrates and explores the ways women contribute to the development of business, social innovation, commercialisation, and culture in the region. In addition, there will be panel discussions, keynotes and networking events for the more than 200 expected attendees.

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3. Build Your Own Empire Through Social Lubrication 
Hayley Sudbury didn’t have a quarter life crisis and contrary to popular belief, her leaving a high flying job at financial powerhouse Barclay’s in London, didn’t have her boss mouthing the words ‘you’ll never eat lunch in this town again…’ Instead she and her dynamic business partner, Angella Newell, saw a new way for high end brands to interact with their desired audiences. [More...]
I swapped my briefcase for my surfboard 
by Emma Tawse
For any young person setting out on this adventure we call life, Australian born Al Ramadan has some advice. “Figure out what you are passionate about and pursue it with vigour. Whatever it is... a partner, music, career, sport, we are on this planet for a very short time and you have to spend that time doing things you love and with people you like. When you have mastered your passion - pass it down to the next generation, share it.”
5. Changing The Face of Men's Health
Welcome to our monthly video profile of Australians making their mark on the world – a joint production between Cameron Daddo and Advance.  Adam Garone has been changing the face of men's health for over 10 years. A co-founder of Movember, Adam is leading the movement towards raising awareness of health issues amongst men by bringing back the 'mo'!
Watch the video [here]
6. Advance India Summit Speaker Releases Book
At the 2010 Advance Emerging Leaders India Summit, people listened to George Eby Mathew talk about an innovative partnership between Australia and India in the formation of socially inclusive and economically prosperous societies. Five months on, the former journalist and Sr Principal Business Consultant with Infosys Australia has set in stone six years of innovation research in his new book, “India’s Innovation Blueprint: How the Largest Democracy is Becoming an Innovation Super Power”. [More...]
7. Singapore: Eastern Promise, But So Swiss
The Art Market Report - Jeremy Eccles recently visited Singapore as guest of the National Arts Council of Singapore and took the opportunity to investigate whether official perceptions match reality in this beautiful city at the heart of Southeast Asia. [More...]

8. Advance Member Benefit
For the month of November, Advance has teamed up with The Little Scarf Shop, an Australian website selling beautiful cashmere wrap scarves. Advance members will receive 20% discount on all orders placed during the months of November and December 2010!
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9. The Buzz   

Our November snapshot of Australian stories around the globe.

This is a land of opportunity, says Rupert Murdoch

The Australian - Australia is a wonderful land of opportunity as long as it harnesses strong leadership and educates its people, says Rup
ert Murdoch.

Westminster Council threatens legal action over Ashes stunt 
Australian Times - Cricket Australia is defending the projection of Ponting and Clarke on to Big Ben, taunting England ahead of the Ashes, as revenge for past incidents and just a bit of “friendly banter”.
Allies unite in bid to defend space assets
The Australian - Australia will join forces with the US to help protect satellite communications from deliberate sabotage.

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