March, 2011  

Welcome to the March 2011 issue of the Advance Global Newsletter. Please forward this newsletter on to anyone who you think would like to connect with Advance.
1. CEO Message - Two generations of success, Asia-Australia style

Meet two Asian businesswomen whose experiences in Australia had a major impact on their careers.

Tan Le – born 1978 in Vietnam– is only at the beginning of what promises to be a long and successful career. Yoshiko Shinohara – aged 76 – built a $2.8bn empire from her one-room apartment in central Tokyo. They were both influenced by their time in Australia, and they are now attending the Advance Women’s Leadership Summit from 7-8 March 2011 in Sydney. [More...]
2. Who are Advance's Leading 50?
Advance searched the Asia Pacific for the most amazing women leaving an indelible imprint on the world. At Advance, we celebrate the work of others - the thriving Australians and alumni abroad whose ambitions, curiosities, great potential and hard work have led them to experience the world. Advance is a conduit for chanelling this global experience of both current and future generations to create the most positive of outcomes for Australia. The Advance 50 represent both established leaders of today and women who are on the road to achieving in the future; collectively we believe this group is set to influence the agenda for innovation, sustainability and global partnerships, and a great asset for Australia. 
Meet the Advance 50 [here]
3. The Three Pillars of Leadership: Passion, Vision and Mission 
 by Prashanth Shanmugan
Advance Roaming Writers

It is said, “When there is no vision, the people perish.” I would add, that when there is no passion, it is the leaders who perish.
Any corporation, organisation or institution, whether public or private, will often proudly and boldly state its Vision and then give its Mission Statement. Yet, they all fail to give any indication to what their Passion is. While most management texts and so-called leadership experts focus on the need for vision, the importance of passion is often overlooked. The art of leadership rests on three pillars: passion, vision and mission. [More...]
4. Global Australian Spotlight
With Dangers Come Rewards - by Emma Tawse
“I’ve seen the Hadron Collider and done a piece on the search for the Higgs Boson…Nuclear science, the drug wars in South America, global warming in Antarctica, and civil rights in Africa.” And when asked if he has ever been shot at, his response was “Oh yeah, plenty of times!” I bet not many people can say that, but video journalist Aaron Lewis can.
One could say this Canadian born, Australian resident has an interesting job. Although currently living and working in New York City for SBS’s Dateline, his video journalism usually has him globetrotting to all corners of the world producing current affairs pieces. [More...]
Watch Aaron's interview [here]
5. Meet the Leisure Activist

If you are a lawyer, banker or anyone chained to a desk, this is not the story for you. Meet Mark Fewell, ‘Fewelly’ to his mates or AKA The Leisure Activist.
Mark was conceived on the back of a motorbike in Europe – literally – on his parents honeymoon, a 6 week jaunt across Europe on a Vincent 1000. [More...]

6. Advance Job Board
Have you had a chance to view this month’s postings? There are opportunities listed in Australia & the US:
7. Advance Member Benefit
SAY NO TO PVC CABLING! JOIN THE MOVEMENT - FOR YOUR GREEN CONNECTION FUTURE. At Ohmlop we set out to do something we hope becomes a movement – design a simple and needed product with the environment in mind. As part of Ohmlop’s launch, a special offer is made to Advance members at a discount price of $15 plus shipping. Go to and at checkout enter the code “LAUNCHFRIEND”.
Find out [more]

8. The Buzz   

Our March snapshot of Australian stories around the globe.
The American New Zealand Association (ANZA) has joined with others to help facilitate USA contributions to help relief efforts. If you would like to contribute, please go to

High-achieving women on top of the world
 - Forget Cupid – the women at March’s Advance Women’s Leadership Summit are wooing the business world. To find out more, Peter Switzer invited host and organiser of the event and CEO of Advance, Serafina Maiorano onto his Sky News Business program SWITZER.
Watch the video [here]
The Cartier Women’s Initiative Award is a social entrepreneurship competition aimed at creative, financially sustainable and responsible women-led start-ups, in all countries and industries. Applications will be accepted until March 15, 2011. Entrepreneurs are invited to submit a short business plan using the online application form.
Australian Times - Qantas and Australian Business have announced a star studded line up of nominees for this year’s Qantas Australian Woman of the Year in the UK Award.
Australian Times - Following more than two days of hearings this month at a London magistrate's court, Judge Howard Riddle ordered that the 39-year-old Australian and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will be sent to Stockholm to face charges of rape and sexual assault.

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