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Australian startup Makers Empire has created what is being billed as the world’s easiest-to-use 3D printing software. The learning program has been picked up by schools across Australia, the US, Hong Kong and China that are recognising the important role the technology will play in the future.

We're excited to reveal that Glug is finally coming to Sydney and Launching in August. This is something we've been trying to make happen for a long time and we've now teamed with our friends from Space66 to make the launch real.

Daniel Crispin’s story is not one you hear every day. He is a principal soloist at Cirque du Soleil, and is currently covering every corner of northern America performing their Avatar inspired show, Toruk. Read his fascinating story – from how he got started with a degree from NICA, to his unbelievably physically demanding schedule, to stereotypes that come associated with being part of the circus.

From surfboards to sustainable shelters, Nev Hyman’s latest startup is providing safe, affordable housing to some of the world’s most vulnerable people. His low-cost houses are cyclone-proof, built almost exclusively from recycled plastic and waste materials, and can be deployed to remote communities in a matter of weeks.

Australia’s Carnegie Wave Energy is attracting global interest after building and operating the world’s first commercial-scale wave energy array connected to the power grid and producing desalinated water. Carnegie is currently focused on developing wave energy power solutions for Australia, the UK and remote islands around the world.

Over the past few years a handful of Australian gin lovers have launched micro distilleries, creating a small but burgeoning industry in the process. Now, a nation with no recent history of producing premium liquor is dominating international spirits competitions and exporting its artisan gins to the world.

For most people, coffee is synonymous with being starter fluid for the day – the go juice that’s required to function as a capable human. For the co-founding team of Erika Geraerts, Jess Hatzis and Bree Johnson along with Steve Rowley and Alex Boffa, it’s associated with their brain child, frank body. These Melbourne based entrepreneurs started their now worldwide company by using ground coffee beans laced with a concoction of exotic fruit and scented plant oils, for their customers to take to the shower and use as an exfoliator. It has dramatically helped reduce skin blemishes, cellulite and other skin imperfections for their users all around the world.