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Michelle Garnaut’s Recipes for Success in China

With a culinary career spanning more than 25 years, chef and restauraunteur Michelle Garnaut has spent the lion’s share of that time building her brand presence in Asia. Read More


From Asian Tapas to Baby Food, Luke Mangan’s Food Empire caters for all Generations

For a boy who didn’t really like going to school, Luke Mangan has grown in to an adult who could teach you a thing or two about honing your cooking skills, international commercialisation and product development. We asked Luke about his journey... Read More


Leading Australians Debate “the Glass Ceiling” and the Changing Role of Women in Business in Asia

Advance and ANZ held a private event in Hong Kong at the exclusive member’s club Salon No.10. The theme of the panel discussion was "What glass ceiling? Australian success in Asia". Read More


Bringing the study of Australia to Asia

David Walker is a leading authority in the study of Australian perceptions of Asia, which stands him in good stead in his role as BHP Billiton Chair of Australian Studies at Peking University. The appointment is the first of its kind in China and we talked to David about his experiences... Read More


My Global Story - Simon Henderson

Tell us a little bit about your career path – your work overseas and your new role in Australia. My career has led me all over the world. The bug hit in 2006.  At the time I was studying a... Read More


My Global Story: Joanne in Hong Kong

Working in communications for over 15 years, in 2010, Advance member Joanne Griffin moved overseas to take on a new challenge as a content media manager in Hong Kong. After three years abroad, she moved back to Australia recently. She... Read More


Moving home? Director of Client Engagement and Diversity at Talent2, Gina McLellan shares her advice

1. Tell us a little bit about your career path – your work overseas and your new role in Australia. To me, a career path is never a straight line. I started my professional life as an architect after completing my... Read More


The fight for clean air: Australia's solar power couple in China

Australians and Advance Global Australian Award winners, Jianhua Zhao and Aihua Wang hold the record for the world’s most efficient silicon solar cells. Set in the laboratories of UNSW, their record has remained unbroken for over 20 years. Advance talks... Read More


Work Sucks – meet Emma Reynolds, the Conscious Disruptor

At 29 and already on to her third business in a completely new market, entrepreneur Emma Reynolds is no stranger to the concept of innovation. Read More


Dare to Struggle! The adopted mantra of Barry Plews, Shanghai-based dramaturge and producer

Barry Plews decided to up sticks and navigate the complexities of the Chinese creative industry over 18 years ago. This year he is bringing the China Shanghai International Arts Festival over to Australia with a Chinese New Year’s Day concert... Read More


The pros and cons of doing business in Singapore

Based in Singapore, Advance Member Chris Gawan-Taylor is the managing director of Spinnaker Run an international strategy consultancy focused on enabling market entry and business growth. Also an AustCham board member, we spoke to Chris about his journey from Australia... Read More



Creative duo tell a different side of global Aussie athletes

Set to release their latest project Ryokou this month, Advance talks to Matty Roberts, half of creative duo Projucer about their unique take on global Aussie athletes. Ryokou, a six-part series that follows the journey of Aussie Cyclist Shane Perkins... Read More

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