Angelica Cheung 


Angelica Cheung is the Editor-In-Chief of Vogue China and has played an integral role in the development of China’s fashion industry. The launch issue in 2005 sold out on day one and had to be reprinted twice. Since then, she has grown Vogue China to include several successful IPs such as Vogue Me, Vogue Film, Vogue Now as well as a network of widely influential digital platforms, with 1.8 million readership and 42 million social media followers.

The youngest of Vogue’s editors-in-chief when she took on the position, Cheung was on the brink of leaving her career in fashion to become a lawyer 15 years ago. Now, apart from putting out 24 issues of the magazine and daily digital products, she is also an icon and influencer with nearly 6 million social media followers, a regular advisor to fashion and luxury brands who want to expand in China, and a frequent speaker at business conferences on topics related to fashion, luxury and China.

A Beijing native, Cheung studied at Peking University where she obtained degrees in law and English language and literature, and subsequently received an MBA degree from University of South Australia. She started her career in journalism in 1993 as a writer at Eastern Express, an English-language newspaper in Hong Kong, followed by positions as Executive Editor of English-language newspaper Hong Kong iMail, Publisher of English-language fashion and lifestyle magazine B International, Editor-In-Chief of Marie Claire Hong Kong, Editorial Director of Elle China, before joining Conde Nast to launch Vogue China as Editorial Director 15 years ago.

Angelica was awarded the Advance Global Alumni Award in 2018.