Director, Leadership Solomons
Pasifiki Services Limited

Solomon Islands

Alice is from AreAre in the Southern part of Malaita, Solomon Islands. She attended secondary schooling at Su’u secondary school on Malaita and obtained a Diploma in Education at the University of the South Pacific in 1982. After teaching for a couple of years she resigned and worked with the Women’s Division with Solomon Islands Government, progressing up to the Head of the Division in 1988. From 1994-1997 she completed a BA from Victoria University of Technology, Melbourne in Community Development (Asia Pacific) and an MA in Women’s studies respectively. She returned to the Women’s Division in 1997-1999, resigned at the end of 1999. From 2000 she has consulted and founded the Rokotanikeni Association (an association of the women of West AreAre), the association has grown strongly and enables West AreAre women to become economically empowered through training in areas of their interest and development. She has also facilitated a micro-credit scheme and Savings club for them. In addition to that she was actively involved with national issues with the National Council of Women at national level.

Alice was instrumental in forming a residents association in the housing estate of Panatina Valley in Honiara and took active leadership in the local church. Alice played a key leadership role with women in Honiara during the conflict period. Alice was one of the founders of the Women for Peace group that took a courageous stand intervening between the militant groups and working for peace. Alice was present at the cease-fire talks and is held in high regard in the Solomon Islands community. Alice has completed her PhD in gender and leadership issues in a Solomon Islands context at Victoria University of Wellington in 2006. Alice sits on various important boards such as the Economic Advisory Council of Solomon Islands, Environment Advisory Council and Su’u School Board. Alice also chairs the Solomon Islands College of Higher Education Council. She is a mother of 3 boys.