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Welcome to the Advance Asia 50 Summit Media Centre. News announcements and media releases are updated regularly.

The Australian: Expat network marks Asia move with Shanghai Summit

Shi Zhengrong, who is well known to Kevin Rudd and became one of China's wealthiest men after his company, Suntech Power was listed on the New York Stock Exchange, will be one of the star guests at the Advance Asia 50 Summit [More...]

Interview with Advance Asia 50 Delegate William Hall

President of Synovate Healthcare Japan talks on the challenges and rewards of doing business in Japan and the differences between the Western and Eastern markets [More...]

Interview with Advance Asia 50 Delegate Peter Flavel

Global Head of The Standard Chartered Private Bank talks on comforting anxious clients during the global financial crisis and the challenges of establishing a private bank [More...]

Interview with Advance Asia 50 Delegate Joel Cohen

Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary-General, Department of Field Operations, United Nations Peacekeeping Group [More...]  

Interview with Advance Asia 50 Delegate Doug McGay

Chief Executive Officer, Petro Matad Limited, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia [More...]

Interview with Advance Asia 50 Delegate Andrew Low 

Head of Asia & Chairman of Telecommunications, Media, Entertainment & Technology, Macquarie Capital, Hong Kong [More...]

Interview with Advance Asia 50 Delegate Dr Russell Arthur Smith

Interim Dean, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore [More...]

Australia’s Global Networking Organisation Brings Together 50 Of Australia’s Leaders From Across Asia

The Hon. Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister of Australia, will welcome delegates via video and set forth the Summit agenda of how to harness the potential of Australian professionals living in Asia, to help Australia and the region become better connected with the business, cultural and social opportunities the region offers [More...]