Advance Angels: Global Australians giving back and making a difference

If I sign up to be an Angel, how often will I be required to give back as part of the program?

Whenever relevant opportunities emerge for you to become involved, Advance (only) will connect with you via email to elaborate on the opportunity. You are able to select to participate in those opportunities which interest you. 

What typical activities will I be involved in?

Advance Angels may be asked to be involved in a number of activities, including:

  • responding to surveys or questions on industry trends
  • participating in Advance workshops, panels or summits
  • participating in or being interviewed for our Advance TV channel
  • becoming a mentor or advisor
  • reviewing and potentially participating in relevant investment opportunities (coming later).

In 2012, our Advance Innovation 50 for the Future program will be a major focus for Advance and many Angels will be asked to be involved in activities such as being a panelist, being a mentor or providing advice on aspects of the Innovation Program. 

Who else is an Angel?

Current Advance Angel members include successful entrepreneurs, venture capital and angel investors, executives of Fortune 500 companies, and members from leading global scientific and academic organisations.If you know someone who you feel is appropriate to be involved in the program, please ask them to email for additional information. 

What do I get for being an Advance Angel?

Advance Angels will become part of a unique group of successful and proud individuals, each of whom share the common motivation of giving back to the Australian innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem.Each year, the Advance 50 of the Future Innovation Program will publicly recognise and honor 50 individuals based on their contribution to the Australian innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem and to the commercialisation of Australian innovation. Many of the nominees for Advance 50 for the Future will come from within the Advance Angel global network.

Is there an opportunity to opt-out of the program at a later stage?

You are free to opt-out of the program at any stage. However, because your involvement is voluntary on an opportunity basis, keeping your name on our Advance Angels list will keep in the loop regarding international industry trends and events, up-and-coming start-ups and possible investment opportunities.