Throughout his career in high performance sports science and coaching, Adrian Faccioni has been a leader and an innovator, paving the way for the use of GPS tracking technology on high performance athletes in order to reduce injury rates, increase fitness levels specific to the demands of different sports, and alert coaches to potential player fatigue and strain during games and training.

From 1990 to 2000, Adrian worked as a University Lecturer and Course Convener for the University of Canberra (UC) Sports Coaching degree. Here, Adrian made a significant contribution to the growth of the University as Australia's leading sports university, and solidified his standing in the profession with a strong publication record in his discipline and the development of one of the leading sports coaching and management programs in Australia.

In 2000, Adrian left UC to establish GPSports Systems in Canberra, and introduced a World-First GPS Athlete Management System to the market. Adrian's invention, which includes both hardware and software components, has revolutionised the ways in which high performance athletes and sports teams can monitor their athletic workloads to improve their ability to meet the strenuous demands of elite sport. This technology has been a game changer for sport at the highest levels globally.

Clients like former NFL Superbowl champions the Seattle Seahawks, as well as Spanish football champions Barcelona, UK Premier League champions Chelsea, the Australian Kangaroos (NRL), the Australian Wallabies (ARU), and a growing list of rugby league & rugby union teams and other sporting professions are using Adrian's device.

Adrian has recently established AxSys Performance, a company that develops and markets aspiring amateur sport wearables. In 2015, AxSys Performance was awarded a competitive funding grant by Innovation Connect, the ACT Government's flagship innovation program that encourages the development and commercialisation of innovative concepts.