Connecting Global Australians

Advance represents the largest network of global Australians. Through three key areas, supported by our many initiatives and programs, we work to provide connections, advice, ideas and support to empower global Australians to fulfil their limitless potential. 

WE CONNECT: Advance unlocks a powerful network of influential and globally minded Australians to connect, share and learn from each other through our events.   

WE INNOVATE: Advance creates platforms that enables Australian innovation to prosper, develop and become more widespread. 

WE INFLUENCE: We shape the ideas, approaches and thought processes that are helping Australia thrive as a global innovation capital.

Being a member of the of the Advance community creates many opportunities for Australians looking to succeed on a global scale. Join us to:

  • Attend uniquely curated events
  • Be inspired by leading Australian innovators
  • Accelerate your company to international markets 
  • Attain access to our network's knowledge and connections
  • Connect and give back to Australia