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What We Do

Advance is the leading network of global Australians and alumni worldwide.

Take part in unique events | Accelerate your company to reach a global market | Gain access to knowledge & connections | Give back by sharing your experiences | Nominate Australians who are changing the world

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On Tuesday the 10th of October at the striking Art Gallery of NSW, ten high-achieving global Australians were celebrated as the 2017 Advance Global Australian Award winners. From innovating in one of the world's most established industries to introducing cafe culture to China, to harnessing the power of Artifical Intelligence (and a lot in between), Australians are at the forefront of some of the most exciting and innovative industries and developments around the world. Read More

The Australian Diaspora

We refer anecdotally to a ‘virtual grid’ of over one million Australians living and working abroad at any one time, but who are these one million wanderers, and where are they now? Australians are a well-travelled bunch, chalking up over eight million overseas departures in 2012 alone. 372,200 left with the intention to go 'for good'. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship anticipates that around 80,000 of those Aussies will see that dream realised, starting a new life abroad in 2013. Learn More



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